Thursday, December 31, 2020

Record Label, Colesbrough Mort & Records


I'm excited to share that I am starting up a record label: Colesbrough Mort & Records

The first release on this label, CMR001, will be my 2020 Catalogue: a collection of 11 songs I've unofficially released throughout the year which have now gotten a nice proper release on all streaming platforms. They have been released as individual singles and EPs, and grouped together in playlists, of which I've linked to below:


Apple Music


Into the future, I plan on releasing my major projects on this label, but also the music of others. I'm highly interested in getting various artists in the Brisbane area to release some alternative, experimental, and generally weirder music on this label if I can. If anyone reading this wants to get into contact about possible releases then hit me up at

Id be more than happy to help produce and finalize songs and albums and get them out. While I don't have the power or money to do big advertising campaigns that larger labels can manage, I'd love to offer any help I can.

So keep an eye out, there will definitely be more music coming out over this next year, hopefully an album or two.

Peace n love,


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