Below, embedded links and videos of various works, which Ill update whenever I publicly release another project. For the time being, I am planing on only including finished works here, as any work in progresses or incomplete bodies of work shall remain in the blog.


theDriver & Somesun

by K. Olivier

The first of whats to come through this new moniker, more focus and emphasis on narrative, world, and lore (with the name lou jns still being alive and well, however leaving more oneoffs and experiments to that name i think...)

anyway... as this is the 'music' page and not the more formal 'label' page, I refuse the tidy and curated words one might have seen on socials, releases,,, (although that implies some would had have to SEEN the one and only post i made on my ~m e t a~ accounts, of which was lathered in my usual cryptic drivel) this album is first toes in the river of the wraparound, touching newdirt, warmsoil. I've been dwelling on this stretch of land for some time, even before I really knew it. Some aforementioned coasting would probably be (in my own headcannon) the first look into this world, crude and young and rocky, but she laid the groundwork for this space to flourish, and in the 4.5 years thats past since initial coasting, stories have been woven in and around this space, sometimes unknowingly, 

the space becomes tangible, lives are lived.

a woman named olivier is born, 

        alike faye, allohe, 'the driver'

                & now the sun shines public on this record, on this world, for the first time

                        there is more here i swear

                        it will just take me some time

                & I know even this note here comes nearly three months late from the release of the driver

                it hurts me that my mind and body seem to work against this at times (or, if not work against partake in some degree of negligence, allowing time to slip meaninglessly .)

        but time takes to all equally

what will come will come.

I love you

thank you.





 Rough Interlude Pt. 1

March to June 2021, Lou Janssen embarking on Rough Interlude Study, a practice for university working on experimental methods and workflows of music and sound creation. Final deliverables of the study included the software Pdooll and this album: 

Rough Interlude Pt. 1

The four track album looks over sampling and sound collage, as well as lofi practice and abstract poem.

The study left many other unfinished songs and sounds of which will be later compiled into a Rough Interlude Pt. 2 album

2020, catalogue and singles

2020 Catalogue

Eleven songs from 2020 compiled into album.

Released at the end of 2020 on streaming, as well as launching Colesbrough Mort & Records, a record label for my musics and that of any collaborators, friends, or like minded artists.

Below lies a YouTube playlist of this catalogue & links for individual songs can be found below that.


2020 individual releases

Released December 31, 2020 

        360 Ambisonics Music
Water in a dry place
Released May 8th, 2020 
Released November 9th, 2020
Released November 27th
Released April 13th, 2020 
A fear of light rain
Released March 10th, 2020 

2018/2019 as loumuzak 

My ancient moniker of loumuzak from 2018-2019, links can be found below, alongside the four projects released under this name.

The Sound w/t Courtney Lovell
Released April 20th, 2018
Red Summer 01
Released December 14th, 2018
Red Summer 02
Released February 22nd, 2019
Red Summer 03
Released November 22nd, 2019