A page here dedicated to various projects and non-musical non-art works. Currently solely for showcasing my coding project Pdooll, an experimental modular system for the open source music coding platform Pure Data.

Pdooll v.Pre1

Pdooll is an experimental modular effects and generator system for Pure Data based upon the Max/MSP extension lloopp/ppooll. It works using abstractions, so (unlike similar Pure Data extensions such as Automatonism) any module can be brought up at any time with ease, and it integrates seamlessly with any Pd patch without hassle.

The modules for Pdooll range from more simple effects and processors such as mixers and reverb, to highly complex and unique sound mangling units. A module directly influenced by lloopp titled [beauty] is a 4 line delay feedback 'oscillator', where buzzy and alien tones can be produced using the normalized feedback delay loops, or audio can be completely destroyed by routing through the input of this module. The less 'in your face', but still wildly eccentric [tapeloop] module attempts to mimic the processes of a analogue tapeloop with varispeed recording and resampling, slow degradation, and sound-on-sound style layering; yet it fails at this, becoming instead a strange digital looper that can either play back simple loops with some fun character, or bury sound in errors and stutters, eventually reducing it to a broken dream of what it once was.

On my YouTube channel, one may find a series of videos where I make use of Pdooll in various contexts, in composition and sound experimentation, as well as live performance systems with either live sound input (similar to a Fennesz style guitar mangling) or an experimental looper playback system (akin to Ableton with unlimited routing and effect options). Alongside this is a series of tutorial videos, describing and showcasing the processes of Pdooll, either as a whole, or module by module.

The download for Pdooll lies below, alongside links for supporting documentation and the aforementioned YouTube playlists. 

Pdooll v.Pre1 Download



  1. Unpack the zip file
  2. Move the Pdooll v.Pre1 folder into Pd/externals
  3. Add a new path in Pd Prefrences/Path/New and select the Pdooll folder (see image to the right)
  4. Test Pdooll is installed by creating a new patch and creating a module by making an object and typing in the module name


Pdooll Tutorials

Pdooll Performances and Demos