Portfolio for Foundations of Print class, October 2021



//-//-//        This portfolio spoke of two complimentary works, both reacting to the prescribed theme - fragments of time.

    The first work is a collection of lino prints of the Sun, and the second is a more experimental series making use of “resampling” to slowly manipulate and destroy the source material, paired with solvent transfers. The portfolio as a whole contains pieces which have been cut and reduced to size, then glued on sheets of sumi paper, all of which are kept in a folder of fabric glued to a larger sheet of sumi paper.

The Sun & Variations

This series of prints explores the passing of time through various depictions of the Sun, each one shows the Sun in a different context, each one shows a unique fragment of time. Experiments with a lino cut Sun led to variations thereof: an over-inked blackened Sun at night, a barely visible Sun behind clouds, and a fabric Sun. Further deviations from traditional printing methods led me to take away ink from a rolled supply with the lino, then print the impression the lino has left, resulting in distorted and noisy Sun collapse.


  Resample Degeneration

Coming from a music technology background, I’ve attempted to bring over practices and processes into the printmaking world, namely resampling: a way to transform and degrade sound through a repetitive process of effecting and manipulation, while capturing each stage, or frame, of the process. The way I adapted this to print was to scan a monotype I created (Original Print A & B), digitally process and print it out on copy paper, then repeat the process about five times. What resulted was mouldy and aged, with a clearly documented heritage leading back to the youthfully crisp original idea.

Taking two of the later resamples, I used solvent transferring to bring new life into this aged print, advancing its metamorphosis tenfold in minutes. The sharpness and clarity of these prints show rumination of brand new ideas, completely unique of any predecessor.