Thursday, February 25, 2021

Words for a study, February 7th-20th

 February 20th with pages

Pages on seam
where I do not write
Pages on sea
where they dampen
where they would dampen
Pages seen with words
I would write
Pages unseen
(soft bound books)
Pages unseen
Page rot, pages rot, page rot
Pages fire
Pages drown and fly away

 February 18th with satellites

Satellite rain,
Satellite raincloud.
Blue serenade falls,
serenade falling
Augusting and Commer,
Louise Alexander,
ramped wing explosion of roots
'Interlude, and decisions'
Augustine rots and
and sky on fire.
Drawn eyes to
brown green blue, 
behind clouds, too.
Satellite train rides
rides on at dark.
Tawny light park. 

 February 18th,

What face is this I see?
What places has it been?
Day radiates.

February 15th

Fold, freeing fold
over me fold
into your peace and fold
into pieces fold
fleeing fold free
in the warm fly
over my fly
through the may
fly into me
and free fold
and free

Hold, or hold apart
hands are free 
Hold hands
into me hold
and free Hold
Hands are free

February 7th, buildings are castles

 Words and format taken from another page

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