Friday, November 3, 2023

the Driver & Somesun

 All, a debut of mine is now released, titled “the Driver & Somesun”, by K. Olivier… an expression of… queer loves and, something large, greater (like, an earth and warm rock rises up to towers or buildings, something dubbed a Wraparound),,, Like, the citrus moon speaks to you…

or, the Name “K. Olivier” brings with it a method of narrative where I hope to finalise many archived and ongoing projects, building apon and leading up to characters such as the Driver & related aggregates.

the Driver & Somesun, the album itself, can be found on bandcamp and all your usual steaming (yet not itunes/apple due to reasons unbeknownst to me…), thank you for your time.



~~~~~~~////Under the name K. Olivier, the first of a long winding string of larger musical projects will release as the Driver & Somesun; detailing warm stories of queer love and actualisation atop warped cityscape; musically punctuated by samples, electronics, & frenetic percussion. 

The album covers ground of folk & alternative to maximalist experimentation with strong narrative weavings throughout; this is written in & approaching a summer "22" demanding hot air and early sunrise where a Wraparound can be heard someplace between here and a burnett river some hours north. (such a place is often covered with dry bushland to rainforest lined by a pacific coast and hinterlands); //-//-//-//-//; the Driver found his way through, or was birthed of, such Wraparound, but a name and face changed manytimes; earlier know to be name'd Commer (I think), often seen with likes of Augustine, Harper, Rose Alexander... (some of which names were given to me kindly by very close friend and collaborator Tess King, nice enough to lend their voice to this here project;; alongside one most beautiful Julia "JRA" Renee Anderson who leant me their percussion and drummerbrain on some fifth song). 

 Driver, faye, allohe lean to be temporary suggestions of space: "I know they might not return, but they will always be here; as in anything from hours to years terrain might have shifted and disregarded legacy, but these certain points hold true; as in point touching paper together, there is some connection to the past and what’s to come." 

 Sharing music is an act of love, Or so I've been told.

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