Wednesday, February 21, 2024

cornercorner; wakeup newmoth

falling to
sound thinking small rain
atop your
large frons, soaking somesun
hidden, prior today.

I feel weak,
am I doing wrong?

Wakeup, newmoth
fell asleep sometime in the belly of last year
but now theres hints
of that coolwind, coming back clear

early morning a moth lay above my head
the sharp light chilled me
for a first time,.
old Thrower, the Coyot's dead.

I should wait before my cards again,
give time to the season,
let the new world ring effect,
let the new world take its steps.



 "i think this would fit into wraparound chronology but not overly nicely, atleast currently. its a bridgegap, there is more to be said and more sound."



more,, as in, , encouraging myself to more thoroughly build this world of my own. 

there is so much to be spoken. it pains me.

to build almost a database, or lists and webs of information and story.

        its on the tip of my mind and it will come. I will bring this music and world derived of poem and sound into fruition for you i love you.

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