Monday, June 1, 2020

A first post and blog description


As may or may not be customary in blogs such as these, I'm writing the dreaded 'first post' to go over some basic information and pleasantries. While I've never had any experience with a blog or website of my own in the past, I thought it could serve useful as I have been more publicly presenting myself as a musician online, and wish to have a place where I can share information a bit further away from the prying eyes of the social media conglomerates.

As the blog description indicates, this is a place where I shall share music, and music related thoughts and tangents. Here one may find links and thought pieces regarding less official releases such as various sound and visual experiments which I conduct. additionally, any and all major releases shall be shared, alongside  merchandise or dates for shows.

The current link at the .blogspot domain is temporary, I shall look into changing it into something more appetizing soon. And the current page design of this site is atrocious, I will change and tweak to my hearts content but for the time being it shall remain as is.

peace and love,


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