Friday, June 5, 2020

Short update on website status and future projects

Hi all,

As my semester at university comes to a close, my time for self directed projects and wanderings draws near. Over the next few months, or however long these university holidays prove to be, I plan on getting significant amounts done on my various musical projects and endeavors. I'll most likely be sharing snippets of what I'm working on here, alongside links to fuller bodies of work once their ready.

I have a series of DIY projects currently in progress, I have been modifying a cassette recorder to have a variable pitch/speed mod, and I've started making a distortion pedal based off the proco rat 2 and big muff. I plan on posting details about the cassette mod and my experience with that, as I've encountered a few hiccups along the way of what should have been a fairly straightforward modification.

Additionally, I will explore some of my processes of the various albums and larger bodies of work I am currently writing, as while there is plenty of writings about similar processes, I thought it'd be fun. Specifically, I have a album I'm writing using a Fostex B-16 I recently acquired. Taking cues from acts such as the Microphones (well, predominately the Microphones) I'm going in a fairly lo-fi experimental direction, lots of noise rock and too much distortion. I'm really excited to share more details about this album, but also the hundreds of other works I've got going that need to eventually enter the real world outside of my studio.

Finally, despite my previous statements of 'I wont touch the site for the time being' I have dedicated a little too much time here and there to fine tuning all the various aspects of the layout and code, and I see myself continuing to do  so into the far future.

That's all for now. Unfortunately I don't have anything tangible to share at this moment, but I am looking forward to doing so in the near, near future.

Peace, love and positivity,


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