Saturday, September 26, 2020

Pure data improv platform

Hey all

I recently posted a video showcasing some coding ive been getting up to: a multifx processor built up in the open source coding environment pure data. I intend for it to be used for both live performance and studio composition. I started on this path for one of my uni courses, and intend to continue with it further next year for a project study, and hopefully into the future after that.

Here is the youtube description which discusses a bit of the process and thought behind the coding and this specific improv:

"This is a modular sound processor akin to lloopp/ppooll i coded in pure data, it is still in its very early stages. The only sound generator is a clean, di electric guitar, everything else is pd. Much inspiration is taken from fennesz with his use of lloopp, although i hope to expand upon this due to the capabilities that come with coding the software from the ground up, as i find lloopp fairly obtuse and difficult to use. This session is fairly directionless, i was mainly having fun with some new modules i made which allow me to explore this incredibly gritty and distorted sound world; i plan on posting more demos as time goes on with other textures this software can make. 

Also, i will release this all into the open once its in a bit more of a palatable state."

Here is the video...

Hope yall are doing well.

Peace & love,


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