Monday, October 26, 2020

Capstone, pure data, live performance


I recently did a performance for my capstone class in my music technology degree using this pure data platform I've been coding recently. I performed with a few peers from my cohort and captured it on video, overall was a really fun night. The gig was hosted by Superordinary, a fantastic art space in the Brisbane CBD, and Toby from Trail Mix helped with all the organisation.

Heres the video...

Additionally, for this course I did up a video going over the systems and processes i used to make this show happen, if your interested in some nerdy techy shit then feel free to check this video out...

Ill be continuing this project over the coming months, as I intend to partake in a project study for my degree and look into writing a body of work using this software.

Anyway, hope yall are doing well!

Peace n love,


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