Friday, June 11, 2021

Rough Interlude Study, Conclusion

And finally drawing a study to a conclusion. This last update took its time, as accidents and surgeries were had with extensions in hand, but as I write this (the Monday approaching the final Friday 11th due date for the university side of this study) I prepare a whole range of finalities: documenting the whole process in a university-mandated fashion, mixing and mastering the album deliverables (titled Rough Interlude pt. 1), and readying a software launch. 

 Codingproject and Pdooll release

Working in reverse order of this list, Ill briefly discuss my software: Pdooll v.Pre1, which I have been meaning to talk about for the past two blog posts but have kept putting off. Tracking what has happened since weeks 4 and 5 (the tapeloop & rotor coding weeks), there’s been periods of silence and non-coding, and (generally over the past 3 or so weeks) periods of large and focused coding to polish this pre-release off for a public release. Initially this started alongside the preparation for my BSAF performance, of which I used Pdooll to perform: creating an oscillator and various apc oriented controller modules, evolving more into what I said before: fixing and working on already coded modules. This leads us into the final push, compiling a list of every module in Pdooll, its features, and its progress (of which can be found on the ‘Projects’ page of this website, which I will discuss in a moment), allowing me to more easily track my progress and what needs doing for this release. Finally, bringing us to today, I have completed the coding side of this release, and am now working on documentation: I have set up the projects page of CM&C to host and be a hub for my non-music and non-art projects: eg. Pdooll, I am recording and preparing various tutorials for Pdooll, showcasing the general workflow of the whole system and specific modules, and writing up general words about this software for promotion and accessibility. 

Rough Interlude Pt. 1 and future album launch

Next, a major part of this study has been the sound made, and the music made with that sound. I will be releasing an album made up of these Rough Interlude sounds titled Rough Interlude pt. 1 (also the second official release on Colesbrough Mort & Records: CMR002). I have been showcasing the works of this album on my YouTube channel, whether it be with the weekly updates/sound showcases, or with my performance videos, but this album has been further worked on and polished for a proper official release. I am putting this album out now on Bandcamp (mainly for submission purposes), and then a week or two later on all streaming (mainly for distribution purposes), and while the Bandcamp release is viable to change over the next week or so due to final final mixing and mastering changes, what is heard now should be considered pretty much finished. Later down the track, possibly this year or sometime next year, I intend to take various other unfinished and in progress tunes from this Rough Interlude Study and put together a Rough Interlude Pt. 2 (of which I did briefly discuss in the last post I am now realising).

I also think I might gather a larger collection of smaller pieces, oddities, and samples from this study (and possibly, by the time this comes to fruition, any other future projects) and release it (and whether it be an official or unofficial release remains undecided) with the intention of others sampling and manipulating and making use of the sounds. Tba. 

Concluding and videomedia

And so wraps this study up. Links for album and software lie below, alongside a variety of YouTube links to my various videoplaylists. Once Rough Interlude Pt. 1 is officially out on streaming in a week or two I will give it a bit more of a respectful launch and acknowledgment. On the other hand, Pdooll v.Pre 1 is out and fully available to download, alongside a large variety of YouYube documentation for it shown below.

Rough Interlude Pt. 1 on Bandcamp

Pdooll v.Pre1 Information and Download 

Hope all is well, peace & love,


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