Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Rough Interlude Pt. 1




Rough Interlude Pt. 1 sees a hurried and intense expedition into interdisciplinary experimental sound, word, and poem. Beginning approach with digitally manipulated guitar and synthesizer and voice; and, while voice continues throughout, moods shift and recording moves to tape and words eventually go to die.

In three months, one can do a lot. Rough Interlude Study brought forth waves of sound, sketches, prose, poem, art… of which gets sorted through and arranged carelessly into cohesive works joined together by their animosity towards each other, regularly stealing and destroying their siblings for their own personal gain.

    Sail Wind, pseudo-ambiance implied through looped synthesizers and vocals performed improvisationally using custom Pure Data software. Later, through arrangement and overdubbing, a canvas was developed, a broad structure, on which samples and parts and manipulations were laid and eventually sewn in with the other scraps and shards that make up a rough interlude.

    Stereo Attic Pt. 3, a strange collage of abstract word atop unrecognizably manipulated guitars; processes of which included writing and recording words to sample and letting them dwell for a month, cannibalizing four or five other projects/songs to bring forth the meditative repetitions and manic pulses which make up the instrumental, and processing, reprocessing, layering until the final product, Stereo Attic Pt. 3, removed itself completely from its predecessors.

    Noonbell one, quiet meditation of poem and sound; preliminary rough interlude sketches of guitar and voice later fleshed out with meat and bone. Crushed voice supporting poem lighter than air, I am the window and leave in the light, bathe in the warmth, and dwell on the earth. I build a home with bell and chime and call to prayer fulfilling my mind and song, echoes of melodies and useless ideas reverberate into existence. Noonbell sets an example for others to follow in suit, a living song accompanied by wind, attics, and sequels.

    Noonbell too, further meditation punctuating the end of time. Chimesong roars as noon approaches in despair. A song about life and quiet growth which shouldn’t have been so bleak.

    No further comments.

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