Friday, November 12, 2021

A long wait

It has been a few months passing since my last words, mainly due to me finishing my degree this past week - of which I am still recovering from, I managed a workload much more suitable and healthy leaving me in a less destroyed state once the semester wrapped up. But as I wake up and come back down to earth, I look towards next steps, the future of my workings, especially in regards to this website, which I am so eager to start back on again. 

For my last semester I took on introductory creative writing and printmaking courses, opening my world to whole new mediums of expression, and as the semester was coming to a close I found myself in possession of large amounts of painting equipment, of which I have already started to make great use of. So, as for what I wish to do on this website moving forward, I hope to document many more explorations into a wider variety of art forms, I wish to showcase my bad art. And I look to combining differing artforms into larger and more cohesive pieces.

One area I found myself falling in love with is creative writing (which might not shock anyone who has gone over my public writings over the past year). For my course I worked on a short story titled Spidergarden (of which I still wish to revise and expand upon slightly, something I'm hoping might be finished by the end of the year), and a short film Fireball atop mount eerie, which is currently publicly available on my YouTube page, and of which I plan on providing with a bit more of a ceremonial acknowledgement on this website in the coming weeks.

I have also begun writing on a not so short story of which I look forward to sharing more information about in the near future. 

Of course that doesnt mean I am dropping my music practice, as that is still moving forward with powerful strides - I also undertook another project study in which I worked towards mixing and finalising my album in progress Coasting. Currently, I am left with an album which may need one more track recorded, some final touches of mixing, and then mastering and publication. A release might honestly be viable in the next few months, an exciting prospect for an album which has been in the works since mid 2019.

As stated regarding Fireball atop mount eerie, I plan on retrospectively documenting some of my workings over this semester - writings, prints, music, and other arts. This was more a touching base, easing into this blog in attempt to make things a bit less jarring for myself.

Stay well,


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