Sunday, August 6, 2023

2023 further reintroduction

       wishing movements were faster but a brain is molasses .

Despite! movements are being made and music and sound on a potential horizon. When summer comes round movements will be finalized I know it, the Driver and somesun is the first of many bodies of work (some mentioned and shown and performed already throughout recent years), to be released and seenthrough.  A name, K. Olivier, will be showed to light for the first time of I hope many and many.

Despite! the movements of grandeur and something greater,,, big decisions are being made about this (at least immediately foreseeable) string of works, album, projects. ~Debating self release or further people involved; the anxiety of possibilities and desire to stop sitting and dwelling on such large quantities of work is close to insurmountable, would some potential label really further some reach a substantial enough amount ? some degree of absolute fear of pushing and promoting and revealing myself without the guise and disguise of meandering esoteric threading such as these very words. 

despite, i dont really give a shit and just wanna release more music immediately i love you.


Narratives and experimental sounds permeate warped landscapes & warm skins. an ego or presence to place thoughts and legacies apon, K. Olivier does become a life of its own through the likes of words and breath and ink and electronics, and strings. Sharing art is an act of love I think.


A name is not dead, just moved; especially forever.                  (as in, there is something such as a second rough interlude which will at some point surface dont quote me on that.)