Friday, September 1, 2023

sSomething found apon Redwater search,

Dears,,, "sSomething... Redwater search" brings the Driver to focus, seven songs to be released two months today as, "the Driver & Somesun", the first more narrative focused project of mine under the name, K. Olivier. rumors of Sound & Performance persist. I will speak more.

; writes...


    a five hour stretch of Drive between two rivers holds a vague echo of nothing more than a few ms. Names spoken within I can see (& to a degree, detail) renditions of which will be later revealed to both you dear reader, and myself. now I share of the Driver, found in depths of Redwater somewhere off the coast in such aforementioned region known as the Wraparound.

spt1st2023- in Two months a year ago such monument named Driver was dredged up from depths of Redwater, and in the months followed made himself love and queer family of soon to be Faye or Alloway or Allohe... I saw them! through and under moonlight in trans bodies there was lust and power only to be found in the "blistering heat" of summer. this City resides around the edge of cruel Wraparound, and from a certain angle I can see the space between, like if one was to peer apart the two surfaces of a page. 

         Aside, the first place found such anomaly was in my dear Bardon, where I once was a visitor I now live; I can see the Wraparound on all sides of me from the morning to evening, she whispers to me of so much more than I ever thought, a Driver a Coyo't, weak Thrower and finally reasons and arcs for such dear Augustine (ofWHOM I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN!) but that is besides the point. I will write soon, and once I do something will change, I know it. 

 L or now, 

K "

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